How To Select The Perfect Sunscreen!

With how important we know applying sun protection is, it shouldn’t be that difficult to find a product that meets all of our needs. Yet every time we walk down the skin care aisle, it can be overwhelming to navigate the multitude of different varieties.

There are a few important factors to consider when purchasing a sunscreen.

  1. Cost – Will you actually judiciously wear it if you’re purchasing a sunscreen that is too expensive?
  2. Broad-spectrum – Look for a sunscreen that is broad spectrum. This means that it covers a wide range of UVA and UVB rays.
  3. SPF – This stands for Sun Protection Factor. The minimum amount you should wear is SPF 30. However, most of us apply our sunscreen in a thin layer and aren’t getting the proposed SPF. “I personally go for a mid-range SPF in the 40-60 range,” explains Dr. Azeen Sadeghian, board-certified dermatologist at Sanova Dermatology in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. “Anything higher than this can gets a little tricky,” she continues.
  4. Texture – Does it make you feel greasy or pasty? Will this prevent you from using your sunscreen? If so, find a more elegant formulation. Trust me – you can definitely find one you like!
  5. Purpose – Will you be applying this sunscreen to your face daily or using it for exercising? “One of the most important characteristics of a sunscreen, especially for those who wear it while exercising or swimming, is that it is sweat-proof, water-resistant, and doesn’t sting when it gets in their eyes,” Dr. Sadeghian shares. Otherwise, look for a sunscreen that matches the function of why you’re applying it.

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