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What are the Benefits of miraDry?

What are the Benefits of miraDry?


Many patients who visit our dermatologists find themselves exhausted by the constant irritation and embarrassment that excessive underarm sweat can cause, particularly with the hot Texas weather. Even prescription antiperspirants are not always effective for all patients. However, thanks to an innovative non-invasive treatment called miraDry®, the common concerns associated with underarm sweat can be permanently eliminated.

Approved by the FDA, miraDry® can be an effective solution to excessive underarm sweat and has many benefits. First, miraDry® can permanently stop underarm sweat with results that are immediate, greatly improving your overall quality of life with just a single one-hour treatment. Second, there are no incisions involved in this procedure, which means there is virtually no downtime and our patients at Sanova Dermatology can resume their daily activities right away.

In addition, since most patients no longer perspire from the underarms after treatment, reliance on deodorants or antiperspirants is often greatly reduced or completely eliminated. Finally, dry underarms allow our patients to have more confidence in their personal and professional lives without the worry of sweat stains or damp clothing. For more information about how our experienced dermatologists can design a custom-tailored miraDry® treatment plan to address your underarm sweating, please contact us today.