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A Beginner’s Guide to Applying Skincare Products

A Beginner’s Guide to Applying Skincare Products

Any beginner just starting out with their own skincare routine is bound to be confused by all of the different products and how to use them.

“Oh no, do I exfoliate or cleanse first?” “What’s a toner?” “Oh gosh is my moisturizer the last step?”

If these questions sound familiar, these tips will guide you through the steps of skincare without the hassle of complicated terminology.

Cleanser – The very first step in your skincare routine should be to cleanse. This product is going to remove any makeup, dirt, or oil that has built up on your face throughout the day. It gives you a clean surface for any other products or makeup.

Toner – If you are performing a normal day or night routine, a toner is excellent because it balances your pH level and depending on its other benefits, it can brighten, exfoliate, or reduce the appearance of pores.

Exfoliator – In addition to cleansing, but not required, your exfoliator removes dead skin cells from the surface; what results is brighter, smoother skin. When all of those dead skin cells are gone, it gives your other products a chance to do their job more effectively and sink into the lower layers of your skin.

Masks/Retinol/Treatments – Treating yourself once or twice a week to a mask or treatment should not be a chore. This is where all the wonderful benefits of skincare come from. Depending on your needs, there are tons of choices out there. As mentioned before, anything that follows exfoliation will be able to perform their job more effectively.

Moisturizer/Serums – One of the most important steps to your routine is your moisturizer. It keeps your skin hydrated and often it acts as a primer to prep for makeup application. Face serums can be lightweight moisturizers, but they are so much more than that; they penetrate deeper to deliver active ingredients into your skin. Choosing products from a reputable cosmetics manufacturer ensures that these active ingredients are of high quality and effective, giving your skin a fresher, younger, and healthier appearance.

SPF – Protecting your skin on a daily basis from those harsh UV rays is vital. These days, many moisturizers actually contain an SPF so you don’t have to worry about spending another dime on a separate product. When looking for a SPF, moisturizer combo it is important to look for “broad-spectrum SPF” and 30 SPF or more.

Eye CreamUnder-eye creams do wonders for that delicate area of skin. They can hydrate, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and many have brightening properties.

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