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Glo-minerals for Patients with Acne

Glo-minerals for Patients with Acne

Your first instinct when noticing a pimple or breakout is to try to cover it as best as you can. Many over-the-counter products can actually make problems worse by irritating the skin. These products with their fragrances, preservatives and chemicals can interact negatively with the skin. Glo Minerals pride themselves on using the highest quality ingredients possible, including pharmaceutical-grade vitamins, antioxidants, and sun protection.

Healthy Coverage

Corrective_Camouflage_Kit_top“The build up of sebum in the pores can be the culprit for many breakouts, and makeup can contribute to clogging pores,” notes Dr. Miriam Hanson, a board certified Dermatologist in Austin, Texas. Glo Minerals is a non-comedogenic cosmetic line has been formulated specifically not to clog pores, which helps prevent further acne from forming. “Patient often ask me for ways to conceal their acne while they are waiting for their treatments to take full effect.” The Corrective Camouflage Kit is a miracle in itself, boasting four specially crafted sheer concealers to help mask redness, blemishes, scars, and general skin imperfections.

 Keep Calm

moist-hydration-mistIngredients in Glo Minerals also offer exceptional anti-inflammatory properties. “Common ingredients in the Glo Minerals line like green tea extract, zinc, and vitamin C are able to offer a calming effect to the skin,” Dr. Hanson shares. “This is perfect makeup for those experiencing inflammation due acne breakouts, for example.” Glo’s use of the natural ingredients is a great benefit to those with sensitive skin, as they forgo harsh chemicals that are commonly found over-the-counter makeup. Other calming ingredients like chamomile, allantoin and burdock are found in products like the Hydration Mist, which can be used as a hydrating spray and for setting makeup after it is applied.

Defend The Skin

pressed-base-golden-medium_1One of the most valuable qualities in Glo Minerals is their use of a titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for sun protection in products like their Pressed Base. “A great concern with being outdoors is remembering to put sunscreen on, so having it in your makeup is extremely beneficial,” notes Dr. Hanson. Glo also offers a large amount of antioxidants to the skin, restoring essential vitamins and assisting in defense from the free radicals that can damage your complexion.

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