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Your Best Body In 2017: Can Coolsculpting be A New Years Resolution?

Your Best Body In 2017: Can Coolsculpting be A New Years Resolution?

It’s like clockwork. January and February reliably bring in new health club membership, exercise gear purchases and an increase interest in diet trends. “The new year is a fresh start for many people and an opportunity to set up your goals and intentions for the next 12 months,” says Dr. Kellie Reed, a board certified Dermatologist at Sanova Dermatology. Diet and exercise are popular goals and each year many achieve healthy lifestyle and change in body and appearance they are looking for. But is there more that you can do you attain your 2017 goals for your body?

How Can You Give Yourself The Best Results?

woman-1456950_1920“When it comes to weight loss, a healthy, balanced diet with daily exercise is the best way to attain the results you’re looking for,” notes Dr. Reed. “However, for many people, stubborn fat can be discouraging.” This can lead to abandoning efforts toward further weight loss.

Fat tends to settle into certain areas of the body, and no matter how much you exercise and diet, it just doesn’t want to move. This is frustrating and isn’t necessarily a reflection of your efforts. The abdomen, thighs, arms and torso areas, such as where your bra straps sit, are typical areas where fat doesn’t move.

And that’s where Coolsculpting can help.

How Does Coolsculpting Work?

For years, the only available procedure for removing fat from the body was liposuction. This is an aggressive approach that many people either shouldn’t or don’t want to use.

“Coolsculpting offers a minimally invasive alternative that provides good results” says Dr. Reed. The fat in targeted areas is frozen, and then eliminated by the body. There is no surgery, anesthesia or downtime required. Any pain or inflammation is typically minimal and manageable.

It’s important to note that results take a bit of time to achieve. You will normally see the full results in a matter of several weeks. The procedure results in visible results that give your body that smooth, slender look you have been working so hard for.

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