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The 4 Best Cosmetic Procedures For The Summer

The 4 Best Cosmetic Procedures For The Summer

Your comfort and overall satisfaction with a cosmetic skin procedure can sometimes be related to the timing of the procedure. “Unfortunately, many people who pursue cosmetic procedures ignore their schedule and the time of year, sometimes enduring more discomfort as a result,” says Dr. Miriam Hanson, board certified dermatologist at Sanova Dermatology in Austin, Texas. Believe it or not, weather can be a big factor in your outcome! Below is a look at the four best cosmetic procedures to pursue during the summer and four procedures that might need a few extra precautions if you schedule them in the summer months.

Let the Sun Shine!

Some of the best cosmetic procedures to pursue in the summer include:

1) Botox injections: Unlike laser procedures or chemical peels, Botox injections do not leave your skin more sensitive to the sun. “While sunscreen should always be a part of your regular routine, Botox does not make your skin more vulnerable to sun damage in the immediate post-treatment period,” Dr. Hanson explains.

2) Dermal fillers: Dermal fillers are similar to Botox injections because their effects are not negatively impacted by sunlight, making summer a perfect time to restore any lost volume in the skin!

3) Coolsculpting: This non-surgical procedure targets stubborn fat cells to help clients achieve a more svelte physique. Coolsculpting particularly targets fat cells resistant to diet and exercise, making this a good procedure during the active summer months and bathing suit season, as well as year round.

4) MiraDry: Why not stop your sweat when the heat is worst? People who undergo MiraDry treatments will actually notice its impact more during the hot summer months when underarm perspiration is often at its height.

Not So Bright

Four procedures that require extra care when undertaken during the summer include:

1) Laser procedures: Laser procedures are often sought to reverse the effects of sun damage. However, care must be used because lasers remove the outer layers of your skin, leaving it more susceptible to sun damage in the immediate weeks following treatment.

2) Chemical peels: “Like laser procedures, chemical peels leave your skin more vulnerable to the sun’s harmful rays during the post-procedure healing period,” says Dr. Hanson. Patients are often advised to avoid the sun for a week or so if at all possible, which can be more difficult during the long days of summer.

3) Sclerotherapy: It is advised that people who undergo sclerotherapy for the treatment of unwanted spider veins wear compression stockings to facilitate treatment. These stockings can be tight, hot, and uncomfortable, especially during the dog days of summer.

4) BLU-U for acne: “This new procedure is an effective treatment for acne but patients are required to strictly avoid sunlight for 48 hours immediately after treatment, which can be challenging during when the days are so long,” Dr. Hanson states.

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