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Why Is My Hair Falling Out?

Widening Parts “Hair loss is an emotional subject for many of my patients,” states Emily Johnston, dermatology certified-physician assistant in Austin, Texas.  A large part of determining the cause of hair loss is obtaining a good history.  “It is helpful to discuss past medical problems, family history, and any major life changes,” says Emily. “Each of these can have a Continue reading

Can Viagra Give Rise To Melanoma?

Touchy Subject In 2011, medical researchers reported that by inhibiting the PDE5 cellular pathway, melanoma cells could better invade and spread through the body. While investigators concluded that this could be a mechanism that contributes to melanoma’s virulence and aggressive behavior, there was another, potentially larger concern. PDE5 is the same pathway that drugs taken for erectile dysfunction (ED) inhibit Continue reading

Et tu, Lulu?

It’s always strange to see health and fitness companies promoting behaviors that can be detrimental to your health. Sure, gone are the days of smoking rooms in hospitals, and fewer and fewer health clubs have tanning beds. But fitness companies still promote unhealthy behaviors from time to time. Sports and athletic stores by nature are geared towards health promotion. Whether Continue reading

What Is Sun Damage?

Dermatologists and skin care experts often use the term “Sun Damage”, but what does it truly mean? Well… It takes a little bit of explaining to truly understand the full scope of sun damage. Sun Damage represents a spectrum changes observed on the skin that directly results from exposure and overexposure to sun and UV light. The effects of this exposure Continue reading

Sunscreen In Action | Should Austin’s Town Lake Have A Sunscreen Dispenser?

It has recently been reported that multiple hike and bike trails are now offering “sunscreen stations“, which offer free sunscreen to those who use the trails. Should every park need to invest in this life-saving resource? “I think this sets the bar for outdoor recreation,” states Dr. Adam Mamleak, a board-certified Dermatologist and Mohs Micrographic Surgeon at Sanova Dermatology in Austin, Continue reading

What Do Golf and Skin Cancer Have In Common?

Golf is one of the most valued sports for both men and women. There is a large following for events like the PGA golf tour, The Masters, and the U.S. Open, but what do all of these thing have in common beyond the sport? Sun exposure. Rarely will you find a golfing event that is hosted indoors, and how many Continue reading

Pearly Penile Papules

When dealing with sensitive areas, it can be a bit concerning when you find something that you may believe is “out of the norm”. Skin lesions that develop, especially in the male genital area can cause a great deal of anxiety and self-consciousness. Men often will visit their doctor concerned about a sexually transmitted disease, but that is not always Continue reading

How does Basal Cell Carcinoma Originate in the Skin?

We’ve heard about sunburns and sunscreen, fair complexions and temperate climates, but this does not explain how these risks lead to the development of basal cell carcinoma in the skin. “It’s not as big of a black box as it used to be,” says Dr. Adam Mamelak, skin cancer specialist and Mohs micrographic surgeon in Austin, Texas. “In fact, years Continue reading

The Modern Man, Cosmetic Dermatology & Brotox

GQ magazine has touched on a very common issue with men “of a certain age”. Growing older is often associated with aches, pains, an inability to rebound and now, a lack of testosterone. Paired with that comes an issue of questioned self-worth and self-esteem. Men have started to take more of an initiative to take the plunge into vitamins and cosmetic Continue reading

Ringworm, Athlete’s Foot & “Jock Itch”

Are you itching for some football? With the beginning of school and the start of fall, the sports season is upon us! Whether it’s football, soccer, cross country running, or another, all have their share of blood, sweat and tears.sweating. “It’s the sweat that can do it,” says Dr. Miriam Hanson, board certified dermatologist in Austin, Texas. Dr. Hanson is Continue reading

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