The What and How of CoolSculpting ‘Dual Sculpting’

What is Dual Sculpting?

SONY DSCIf you’ve been looking into ways to get rid of extra and unwanted body fat, you’ve likely heard of ‘CoolSculpting‘, the non-surgical treatment to help remove body fat via freezing with minimal discomfort. A little research into the topic might have turned up the words ‘dual sculpting’ as well. But what exactly is dual sculpting and is it the right choice for you?

As the name implies, ‘dual sculpting’ is the use of two CoolSculpting machines during one session, each machine targeting a different area of the body. This method helps to cut procedure time and keep the patient feeling more ‘balanced’ with their results.

How is Dual sculpting performed for CoolSculpting treatments?

“Dual sculpting is performed in much the same way as your standard, one-area CoolSculpting treatment,” says Dr. Miriam Hanson, dermatologist and cosmetic expert in Austin, Texas. Two CoolSculpting machines are used at once, targeting two separate areas of the body. “Patients love it. With Dual Sculpting, we can treat both sides of the abdomen or both the right and left thigh at the same time.” In the past, a single Coolsculpting session focused on one side of the body, then the opposite side would be tackled at the next session.

What are the benefits of dual sculpting?

Let’s face it, most patients want both love handles treated, not just the right one! The main benefit to dual sculpting treatments as opposed to one-area CoolSculpting is the reduction in time needed to treat your problem areas. “CoolSculpting sessions takes approximately 35 minutes to an hour to complete,” explains Dr. Hanson. “Dual sculpting therefore allows patients to improve and contour their body in exactly half the time.”

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