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The Benefits of Using Juvederm for a Non-surgical Nose Job

The Benefits of Using Juvederm for a Non-surgical Nose Job

Millions of Americans from all walks of life have successfully benefited from the improved appearance and confidence of a traditional surgical rhinoplasty or ‘nose job’. Millions more would like to, but have been held back by cost, by fear of surgery, or by the social stigma of cosmetic surgery.

Sanova Dermatology is proud to offer a new, non-surgical alternative for patients using Juvederm, an injectable dermal filler that can give you many of the benefits of a traditional rhinoplasty like those offered at a center that offers rhinsoplasty sacramento citizens know about.


“Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that involves cutting and reshaping the skin and underlying structures of the nose, such as shaving the cartilage, to give the nose a distinctive profile,” says Dr. Miriam Hanson, a board certified Dermatologist and cosmetic expert in Austin, Texas. Rhinoplasty has a long tradition of helping patients improve their appearance.

Traditional rhinoplasty also has a number of potential drawbacks including possible long-term damage leading to breathing difficulties, unexpected or unwanted results, cartilage collapse and, on occasion, repeat procedures to correct problems. Traditional rhinoplasty can be a very expensive procedure, may require an overnight stay in the hospital, and can result in temporary but significant facial bruising and swelling.

A Non-Surgical Option

In comparison, a non-surgical rhinoplasty using Juvederm and other dermal fillers, can be done by your dermatologist right in their office. Juvederm can give you many of the desired results of traditional rhinoplasty without the pain, expense, or social stigma of a traditional rhinoplasty.

“Juvederm is a member of a special class of injectable products that are used to contour, fill or shape body and facial features such as lips, chins, acne scars, and, of course, noses, in a quick, safe, non-invasive, safe procedure,” says Emily Johnston, certified physician assistant at at Sanova Dermatology.

And safety is a prime feature of Juvederm. The Juvederm facial filler gel made primarily of hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally throughout your body. This means there is no chance of allergic reaction to this product. And, since Juvederm is manufactured as a super-smooth gel – many competing products are more granular in nature – the look and the feel of the results are natural, smooth, youthful skin.

Juvederm treatments can be done in as little as 20 minutes right in our office and are administered as an injection or series of injections depending on the actual procedure and amount of filler required. Results are instantaneous and may last up to one year depending on the patient.

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