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How A Stellar Skincare Routine Is The Key To Glowing, Healthy Skin!

How A Stellar Skincare Routine Is The Key To Glowing, Healthy Skin!
In today’s world of lasers, peels and chemical treatments you may think that having a good skincare routine isn’t important, but nothing could be further from the truth. When you have a good skincare regime in place you will benefit even more from procedures in your dermatologist’s office. Learn how to institute a stellar skincare regime and reap the benefits of glowing, healthy skin!

Wash Your Face Before Bed

It seems like a no brainer, but so many people do not do this. “What you do to your skin before you go to bed is so important,” mentions Nikki Donovan, a licensed medical aesthetician, and licensed laser technician at Sanova Dermatology in Austin, Texas. As you sleep, your skin repairs itself, to help your body repair your skin, you can use skincare sleeping face masks so that your face looks young and healthy. Ensure your face is free of all makeup and environmental debris is imperative to having healthy skin. “When your skin is clean, it will also absorb the products you put on it better,” Donovan insists. When you don’t wash your face before bed you are more apt to have blemishes. Don’t skip this important step!


Many people skip exfoliation, but everyone should be doing it. Even those with sensitive skin. There are thousands of different scrubs on the market, ranging from very harsh to very gentle. “Use an exfoliant that works with your skin type and scrub 1-3 times a week,” suggests Donovan. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from your face that can clog pores. Removing the dead skin cells makes your face look fresher and younger! When you exfoliate regularly your skin will be even more receptive to procedures that you have in your dermatologist’s office.

Use a Daily Serum

Nothing makes your face glow like a good serum. Before you go and receive laser treatment or a chemical peel, start using a serum in your skincare routine. There are serums for all types of skincare needs – antioxidants, anti-aging, hydrating, dark spots, etc. “Find a serum that provides the benefit you are looking for,” encourages Donovan. When using a serum, give it plenty of time to sink into your skin before applying other products. Using a daily serum can really help the look of your skin!


We often gravitate more towards the exciting and frilly skincare products, as they often boast potential for results like hydration, brightening the skin, and offering a glow! What is important to remember is that maintaining the integrity of the skin and wearing a protective layer of sunscreen consistently is necessary for any of the other benefits of skincare to hold value. The best sunscreen that you can buy is the one that you will use! There is now a large variety of sunscreens that are more cosmetically elegant and still offer protection from UV rays that lead to sun damage, wrinkles, and even skin cancer.

Are you struggling to figure out what products are best for your skin and concerns? Visi your dermatologist and decipher your best plan of action. It is also best to ensure you are giving your skin time to receive the benefits from your skincare. Allow a month or so before you decide a product isn’t offering the expected benefit.

When you follow a good skin care regimen, your skin will look amazing and you will see even more dramatic results from your treatments. When you are ready for your next skincare treatment, contact Sanova Dermatology.