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Why Choose Biopelle Skincare?

Why Choose Biopelle Skincare?

With endless skincare products in the market claiming to do many things, you need to be careful when shopping. For that matter, one of the most important things you need to look at when picking a product is the ingredients it contains. And equally crucial, the skin concerns those ingredients target. If you have mature skin, the Biopelle skin range products are ideal for you. Here are some that are proven to boost skin healing and rejuvenation.

Biopelle Tensage Intensive 40

This formulation is an intensive serum that contains SCA (secretion of cryptomphalus aspersa) 40 Bio repair Index, which hosts high levels of biologically active growth factors that helps to repair, regenerate, and heal the skin. “This great product enhances collagen growth, minimizes the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin texture and tone,” notes Stacey Martin, a licensed medical aesthetician at Sanova Dermatology in Pflugerville, Texas. Thus, you will experience a younger-looking renewed skin in as little as seven days when you commence use.

Biopelle Tensage Intensive 40 is formulated with potent ingredients through state-of-the-art technology to accelerate skin healing and rejuvenation. As such, it contains Crytomphalus Aspera secretion as a key ingredient, blended with other ingredients to form a potent growth factor.

Crytomphalus, Aspersa secretion has been medically proven to repair injured skin in as little as 24 hours. Other markers that set the product apart from the rest include:

  • Minimizing procedural outcomes
  • Healing benefits
  • Repairing post-procedural skin with minimal adverse effects

Tensage Stem Cell Eye Cream

“A rich and nourishing formulation ideal for combating signs of aging around the eyes, including dark circles, crow’s feet, and eye puffiness,’ Martin describes. It has ingredients such as peptides, caffeine, antioxidants, sodium hyaluronate, soothing botanical extracts, retinol, and brightening agents.

Besides reducing the appearance of wrinkles and eye puffiness, the cream also makes the skin look plumper, firmer, and healthier. Subsequently, the cream is ideal for use in the PM, but you can also use it in the AM with sunscreen of SPF 30 and above.

Tensage Stem Cell Cream

Don’t look elsewhere if you want a carefully and professionally formulated product to help combat signs of aging on maturing skin. These products contain stem cell signaling peptides derived from the eggs of the Crytpomphalus Aspersa snail. They have been clinically and scientifically shown to activate our own skin’s stem cells to proliferate. The result is younger, plumper skin. This is a true reversal of the aging process of our skin, and the proprietary stem cell signaling factors are only found in Biopelle’s Stem Cell line of products. Based on that, you can use this stem cell cream on the face and neck, more so, in the evening—although you can also use it in the AM, but must be accompanied by sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher.

This product contains additional ingredients like ceramides, peptides Vitamin E, Vitamin C, retinol, and soothing botanical extracts. Specific benefits include:

  • Reducing the visibility of lines and wrinkles
  • Smoothing your skin texture
  • Evens up your skin tone
  • Firming and plumping your skin

Take care of your skin by being gentle with it and by using the right products. Contact us for more information on skincare.