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What Is Causing My Dark Under Eye Circles?

13ee0253f3244f12b0633a81e4177ce2“Darkness, puffiness, and hollowness under the eyes are a common concern with many of my patients” reports Emily Johnston, certified Physician Assistant at Sanova Dermatology in Austin, Texas. “There can be an number of contributing factors. Genetics, allergies, fatigue, not to mention  aging!” According to Emily, there a few techniques that can be done to improve the appearance under the eyes.

If a patient suffers from seasonal allergies, a daily antihistamine and nasal steroid sprays may be helpful. “The constant swelling and rubbing from itchy, irritated eyes can cause loose skin and discoloration under the eyes,” explains Emily. Overtime, this results in prominent bags and darkening of the skin that we try so hard to conceal.

And, while rest and and a good night sleep can certainly help with your tired eyes, there’s more that can be done. Techniques to reduce puffiness may include cool compresses in the morning, or applying an eye cream that contains caffeine or light reflecting properties to reduce the appearance of circles. “One of my favorite all-around eye creams is Neocutis Lumiere. A trick I tell some of my patients with puffiness is to keep the eye cream in the refrigerator and apply it cold to the skin,” says Emily.

Hallowed Hollows

While puffiness and bags under the eyes is a common patient complaint, under eye hollowness can be just as frustrating. Hollowness under the eyes may be dictated by genetics and can be exacerbated by the natural aging process. However, even if you believe these changes are pre-programmed or inevitable, they sh0uld not leave you feeling defeated.

“Some people naturally have more hollowness under the eyes. As well, as we age, there is volume loss and, believe it or not, even increased bone resorption that accentuates the shadow under the eyes” says Emily. “By far, one of my favorite treatments to improve this is injecting a small amount of filler into the area. This restores the volume to the area and eliminates the hollows. The results are immediate and can provide significant improvement.” Many patients describe under eye filler as making them look instantly refreshed and rested.

In some cases, an eyelid tuck or blepharoplasty procedure in which excessive skin and tissue are surgically removed to restore a more youthful looking eye and eyelid. This minimally invasive procedure is well tolerated with little downtime.

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Emily Headshot 2Emily Johnston, PA-C sees and treats patients at Sanova Dermatology where she provides a full spectrum of dermatologic care. To learn more about how we can help your skin to look its best, please contact us today.



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