Neck Lift

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy refers to the injection of specific medications, vitamins, homeopathic and natural medicine preparations into the skin and subcutaneous fat. Giving It A Shot In the 1950’s French researchers began to investigate the ability to inject combinations of vitamins and chemicals into the body, which was later known as Mesotherapy. “The use of the Mesotherapy method began as a way Continue reading

Kybella Deoxycholic Acid: A Non-surgical Treatment for Double Chin and Submental Fat Removal

Double chin sufferers can rejoice! The Food and Drug Administration in the United States has now approved Kybella, a new non-invasive procedure for the removal of unwanted fatty tissue under the chin. “It’s a common cosmetic concern,” says Dr. Miriam Hanson, board-certified dermatologist in Austin, Texas. Patients may try different skin tightening procedures but the fullness in the neck often Continue reading

How Can Micro-Needling Help With Skin Tightening?

One of the newest technologies in skin rejuvenation is Micro-Needling. This treatment helps with a multitude of skin issues and concerns, and can offer exemplary results. Beyond general rejuvenation, micro-needling can also help you by assisting with acne scarring, pigmentation issues, textural consistency, and tightening of the skin. Micro-Needling For Skin Tightening The Micro-Needling procedure is unique, as it can almost Continue reading

What is the difference between Botox and Dermal Fillers?

If you are looking to reduce the wrinkles and deep lines within your skin, you may be a good candidate for a “liquid facelift.” A liquid facelift, or soft lift, involves the use of dermal fillers in conjunction with Botox® treatments. The procedure for a liquid facelift consists of a series of injections to the skin and is considered minimally Continue reading

Wrinkles – The Question On All Our Minds…

It is safe to say it’s happened to all of us. Whether it’s in the bathroom, at a restaurant, or even in the rear view mirror, we’ve all caught a glimpse of ourselves and said, ‘what is that and how did it get there?!’. We’ve all heard about wrinkles since we were kids. How to earn them, how to prevent Continue reading

How do Radio Frequency Energy Devices Benefit the Skin?

Radio frequency energy, (RFE), applications are non-invasive beauty treatments designed to rejuvenate and restore a more youthful appearance to the skin. These devices have undergone several changes since they became available for public use. “It wasn’t the prettiest start,” says Dr. Miriam Hanson, board certified dermatologist and cosmetic expert at Sanova Dematology. “When RFE devices first hit the market, the Continue reading

Enhance Your Jawline for a More Youthful Look – Without Surgery!

Many of our patients who seek a more defined jawline, or to get rid of the appearance of jowls, are surprised to find out there is a non-surgical way to achieve the look they desire. Using BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport®, or Xeomin® injections, Dr. Adam Mamelak and Dr. Miriam Hanson are able to help patients refine the appearance of their jaws Continue reading

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