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Vacation Sun Exposures

Just because you are relaxing your mind doesn’t mean you can relax your skin care rituals, especially when it comes to your sunscreen! Following a few simple practices while on vacation can mean the difference between sun damage and a good time!


airplane in sunset skyWhether by plane, train, or automobile, you are always getting “face-time” with the sun. “It has been found that you can receive up to 6 times the amount of UV exposure through an airplane window than you would on land ,” mentions Dr. Adam Mamelak, board-certified dermatologist and skin cancer specialist at in Austin, Texas. Window exposure is also a concern when traveling by car. “People who spend large amounts of time driving will notice increased signs of rapid-aging and potentially, a larger risk of developing skin cancer,” Dr. Mamelak shares. It’s important that you are prepared for these exposures. Simply applying sunscreen as part of your morning ritual can assist with rapid-aging and decrease your risk of skin cancer.

Taking A Dip

We all dream of soaking up the sun on a beautiful beach and relaxing. As appealing as this can be, it can increase your chances of developing a skin cancer exponentially if you are not practicing proper sun safety. Regular application of sunscreen, UPF clothing, and umbrellas can assist in allowing you to enjoy the beach without fear of a sunburn. “It’s important to cover up, and remember to reapply sunscreen often, especially if going into the water,” says Dr. Mamelak. Even water resistant sunscreen is not completely water proof, making it crucial to apply a fresh layer of SPF 30 or greater about every 2-3 hours.

“Exposure can happen, even when you least expect,” mentions Dr. Miriam Hanson, board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic expert at Sanova Dermatology. “Reflection of the sun off water is known to magnify the amount of UV rays that your skin will receive.” Adding an antioxidant to your skin care routine can also assist in preventing sun damage and defending against free radicals that can damage skin integrity.

Be aware, 80% of the sun’s UV rays still get through the clouds on overcast days.  So regardless of sun or clouds, make sure that you cover up, apply and reapply sunscreen often and, of course, enjoy your vacation!

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