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Save Your Shirt: Eliminate Sweat Stains Permanently

Save Your Shirt: Eliminate Sweat Stains Permanently

It’s happened to most of us — those unsightly underarm and collar stains from perspiration.

You may be aware of ways to remove those yellowed areas, but you can also take a few simple steps to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Here are some easy and proven ways to avoid sweat stains on clothing:

  • Apply your antiperspirant correctly. That means spreading a thin layer over the entire armpit area. Many people apply a thick layer, assuming that more is better, especially if they’re heavy sweaters.  This is a mistake because the thick globbed-on layer tends to dry slowly and attach itself to your clothing, where it continues to dry. Then, your sweat re-moistens the area, causing the ugly stain to appear. A thin evenly applied layer is actually more effective and much less likely to cause staining.
  • Let your antiperspirant dry completely before dressing. This step is crucial, so make time for it!
  • Perspiration shields are thin cotton pads you attach to the inside armpit area of a shirt or blouse to absorb any excess perspiration and keep the garment clean.  These are usually disposable pads with a sticky back, but permanent washable, reusable versions are also available.
  • Baby powder ironed into the armpits and collar area is also reported to work well. Simply sprinkle on and set it in with a warm iron and you’re ready to go!
  • Seek a medical treatment for underarm sweat! “There are a variety of treatments you dermatologist can prescribe to help treat excessive or unwanted perspiration,” says Emily Johnston, Physician Assistant at Sanova Dermatology. Nowadays, there is everything from medical antiperspirants, oral pills, injections and external energy treatments including iontophoresis and miraDry. “This treatment is unique as it provides permanent reduction of sweat and odor in the underarms and is perfect for everyone in any situation, from business meetings to the yoga mat.”

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