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Protect Yourself with These Summer Skin Care Tips

Although it’s true for every season, summertime in particular is when we remind sun worshipers to haul out their sunscreen, thwart the threat of skin cancer, curb sun damage and the rapid-aging it can cause. Using sunscreen is an important factor in avoiding skin disease, but other steps can be taken to assure greater protection. Here are some helpful summer Continue reading

It’s Don’t “Fry Day” Friday

The National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention has allocated the month of May as Skin Cancer Awareness Month. In order to raise awareness of the dangers of overexposure to the UV rays of the sun, the Council has named the Friday prior to Memorial Day, “Don’t Fry Day,” to remind people to protect their skin while outdoors, and to encourage Continue reading

What Is The UV Index?

The term “UV Index” is often referenced on the morning news and during weather reports, but are you fully aware of what the UV Index is? UV Index, or the Ultraviolet Index, is a measure of the ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun. These UV rays are known for causing sun damage, sun burn, and even skin cancer. “When we rate sunscreens,  Continue reading

Vacation Sun Exposures

Just because you are relaxing your mind doesn’t mean you can relax your skin care rituals, especially when it comes to your sunscreen! Following a few simple practices while on vacation can mean the difference between sun damage and a good time! Traveling Whether by plane, train, or automobile, you are always getting “face-time” with the sun. “It has been Continue reading

On The Run | Top Skin Care Tips for Marathon Runners

Running is a  great way to stay active and fit in our beautiful city of Austin, Texas. Whether it’s the Cap10K, 3M Marathon, or simply a Turkey Trot, it’s not too difficult to find a big running event with a bit of Austin-pizazz! With all the prep and training, your skin can also feel the strain while getting your legs Continue reading

3 Tips for Talking to Your Teen About Tanning and Sun Protection

As a parent, you care deeply about the health of your child. Even as they grow into teenagers, you can’t help but want the best for them. And believe it or not, talking to your teen about tanning and sun protection is an important discussion that you need to have with your teenager. Teens often covet the glow you get from having beautifully bronzed Continue reading

Top 5 Areas Missed When Applying Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen but still getting burned? You’re not alone. It’s a common complaint and no, it does not mean you are immune to sun protection. It is not uncommon to miss areas when applying sunscreen and pay the price later. Skin cancer knows know boundaries, and can appear almost anywhere on the skin. A history of sunburn has been shown Continue reading

What Is Sun Damage?

Dermatologists and skin care experts often use the term “Sun Damage”, but what does it truly mean? Well… It takes a little bit of explaining to truly understand the full scope of sun damage. Sun Damage represents a spectrum changes observed on the skin that directly results from exposure and overexposure to sun and UV light. The effects of this exposure Continue reading

Sunscreen In Action | Should Austin’s Town Lake Have A Sunscreen Dispenser?

It has recently been reported that multiple hike and bike trails are now offering “sunscreen stations“, which offer free sunscreen to those who use the trails. Should every park need to invest in this life-saving resource? “I think this sets the bar for outdoor recreation,” states Dr. Adam Mamleak, a board-certified Dermatologist and Mohs Micrographic Surgeon at Sanova Dermatology in Austin, Continue reading

The Sanova Guide to Accutane Therapy | Activities While Taking Isotretinoin

There are many questions that pop into your head once you decide to take Accutane (Isotretinoin) for your acne. “There are dos and don’ts with every medical treatment,” says Dr. Adam Mamelak, board-certified dermatologist in Austin, Texas. “Accutane is extremely effective in treating and in many cases, eradicating acne from the skin. With all it’s notoriety, patients are always wondering Continue reading

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